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THE BUBBLE NET creates a rich, high-volume lather when used together with THE FACE WASH. Elevate your skincare routine and enjoy the velvety bubbles.​

  • THE BUBBLE NET - This mesh net creates a dense lather to reduce friction against your skin when washing your face. It makes for a perfect wash experience for every man when used together with THE FACE WASH to elevate your daily skincare routine.
  • FOAM-ENHANCING BUBBLE NET – THE BUBBLE NET by BULK HOMME works similar to a loofah helping you create a rich and high-volume lather with velvety bubbles when used together with the facial cleanser THE FACE WASH.
  • THE MEN’S SKINCARE EXPERIENCE - BULK HOMME is committed to providing premium products to men of all lifestyles. These are aptly named THE facial skincare products for men, which feature rich new sensations and scientifically-proven ingredients that have been perfected for your daily routine. Try our complete line including THE FACE WASH, THE BUBBLE NET, THE TONER and THE LOTION together to see and feel the difference.


Lightly wet THE BUBBLE NET, then squeeze THE FACE WASH onto the net. Create foam by adding small amounts of water while rubbing the net with your hands. Continue until the foam is rich and smooth. Use your hands to apply the foam to your face or body.​​​

1. Run net under lukewarm water, then apply THE FACE WASH to the net.

2. Massage product into THE BUBBLE NET to create a dense lather.

3. Once a voluminous, opaque lather has formed, strip the lather from THE BUBBLE NET.

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