Everyday essentials that captivate the senses. Our skincare solutions are effective, stylishly presented, and are a pleasure to experience. Our core principle, BASIC yet EXCITING, is the paradox — and the adventure — that awaits you.

ZEN Design (Appearance)

“ZEN Design” is the way we ideate and design throughout our creative process (Product Development). It is an expression of answers we find from exploring inquisitively, delving deep with limitless intrigue and curiosity, and reaching our finely curated resolve. When we quiet the distraction and continuously focus on the pursuit of its essence, we reduce waste and boost essentials into the seemingly minimalistic, and a “richness of the senses” is created, and a universal value is born.

Wow Factor (Experience)

The first impressions of people and things are a sensory information unwittingly perceived through an intuition that is based upon personal experience and insight, without any influences from logical inferences or analytical reasoning. Intuition is the gap between instinct and reason. It taps into your feelings or emotions defying intellectual processes like judgment or rational explanation, or simply put, it is just a preference. The emotional design that directly appeals to users through their experience with BULK HOMME, namely surprise, excitement, enjoyment, and delight, is what we call the Wow Factor.

Sense & Evidence (Foundation)

SENSE is the initial sensation at the moment of use, while EVIDENCE is the value of efficacy realized after continued use.

During our product development, we focus on balancing both the initial experience of SENSE, and the key functional benefits based on a consistent EVIDENCE to ensure our products will continually deliver “long-term efficacy value” with each continued use.

We will never jeopardize the selection of high-quality ingredients or the R & D of our formulation; by establishing a universal value to our products, BULK HOMME is committed to delivering high-quality products with reliable and effective results.